Big sounds for young ears

4.9 Kilometres of Music!

Sunday morning, 11 a.m. An expectant buzz in the hall. The doors close shut, the curtain rises. Enter Robin Poell, the singing and dancing stagehand! Together with the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin, he conjures up an always child-friendly but never simplistic concert experience for children aged 4 and up as well as their families! On weekdays also for daycare groups and school classes. We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Robin Poell runs, sneaks, jumps, and tap-dances his way from the Komische Oper on Behrenstrasse to the Komische Oper on Schillerstrasse. Along the way, he finds music everywhere: between embassy buildings and the Brandenburg Gate, between the Tiergarten and tourist hotspots, between the bronze cry of Der Rufer and the golden canon barrels of the Victory Column. It’s 4.9 kilometres of music for children and their families, for listening, participating, and learning.

With music by Johann Sebastian Bach (Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major, BWV 1046, 1st movement), Johann Strauss (Perpetuum mobile, Op. 257), and others
Musikalische Leitung
Robin Poell
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