Your Visit

The range of things you could do before, during, and after a performance at the Komische Oper Berlin is seemingly limitless. To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together a few recommendations for you. Relish your trip to the opera—with all your senses!

Before the performance

Getting there

Komische Oper Berlin @Schillertheater
Bismarckstraße 110
10625 Berlin
Flughafen Tempelhof – Hangar 4
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin
Zelt am Roten Rathaus
Rathausstraße 1
10178 Berlin
Konzerthaus Berlin – Großer Saal
Gendarmenmarkt 2
10117 Berlin
Eichborndamm 213
13437 Berlin
SchwuZ Queer Club
Rollbergstraße 26
12053 Berlin
Rollbergstraße 26
12053 Berlin
Heimathafen Neukölln
Karl-Marx-Straße 141
12043 Berlin
Bezirkszentralbibliothek Mark Twain
Marzahner Promenade 54 / 55
12679 Berlin
And somewhere near you ...
The Komische Oper in Berlin!
Komische Oper Berlin
Behrenstraße 55-57
10117 Berlin
Would you like some background on the original piece and this particular production? Then here’s a chance to tune up your knowledge about the show with our dramaturges and speakers. This happens in the foyer, 30 minutes before every performance (or 45 minutes in the case of a symphony concert). Introductory talks are free of charge. Please note: there’s no introductory talk before a children’s opera, a premiere, or a concert version of an opera/operetta. For more info:


With new productions at the Schiller Theatre and all other venues, we offer a noontime introduction on the Sunday two weeks before the premiere (but do watch out for exceptions). You’ll hear from the director, conductor, set designer, and costume designer about their work and get a foretaste of the upcoming premiere. Of course, there’s certain to be a musical morsel or two! On selected dates, there’s also an opera breakfast starting at 10 a.m. (€15 per person), where you can start your day in a friendly atmosphere.
To make your visit more relaxed and to avoid potentially long queues during intermission, we recommend that you reserve your food and drinks in advance. You can place your order by 12 noon on the date you’ve chosen. To do so, please use the reservation contact form at:

What should I wear?
Whether stylish or shocking, you don’t have to worry about any dress code. Your sartorial style will always be fine with us. So just wear whatever feels right for you! Your own individuality is what counts. Don’t ever feel overdressed or underdressed, just feel at home! The cloakroom is free of charge at all venues.

Dress code, cheering behaviour and why actually "Komisch" ... Much of what you always wanted to know about going to the opera, but never dared to ask, we have summarised for you in our FAQ glossary. And by the way, we also explain the most common opera terms, from A-rie to Z-auberflöte, so that you can score points in your next break conversation.

Coming in English very soon!
Barrier-free access to the opera! In addition to the general information about your visit, we have summarized all further information about the journey, available wheelchair space, the accompaniment of guide dogs for the blind, barrier-free access, toilets and more.


Opening of the house
The opera house and box office usually open one hour before the performance begins. Only for chamber and night concerts from half an hour before the start. Please note that different venues may also have different opening hours.
Introductions to the performances; The introductions to the pieces are free of charge - 30 minutes before the beginning in the foyer, for symphony concerts 45 minutes before the beginning. (No introductions before premieres, children's operas, concert performances, New Year's Eve and special events, and performances by the Staatsballett Berlin)
Coat check
We won't leave you hanging ... Please leave your jackets, coats and bags (larger than A4) at the checkroom for security reasons - free of charge!
If you are late, the evening staff will try to guide you quietly to your seats if possible. Please understand that this is not always immediately possible, and unfortunately for some performances it is not possible at all.
Program booklets
Program booklets can be purchased from the evening staff, via telephone service or at the opera box office. They are only available in German, but contain the opera's plot in English, French and Turkish. Furthermore, there are free information flyers in English, French and Turkish. Please ask our evening staff for more information.
Photo-, video- oder sound recordings
Please respect the art and the artists*. For copyright reasons, image, video or sound recordings are not permitted during the performances. However, you are welcome to take pictures before and after the performance and during the breaks in the theater and foyer. On our website and in the program booklets you will find photos of the individual productions.

After the Performance

After Show Lounge
Time to toast the artist
‘Every performance is a premiere’ was the credo of Komische Oper founder Walter Felsenstein. That’s why our artists celebrate every production’s revival just as joyfully as its premiere—and happily with all of you. We cordially invite you to come join us for opera cocktails and music at the same venue after the show.
Late-night chat show with the artists
They’re the face, voice, and soul of the Komische Oper Berlin and of every performance: the members of our ensemble! In our late-night chat show, cast members from the evening’s production converse with dramaturges and curious audience members. It’s an exclusive look behind the scenes and into the hearts and minds of our talented artists!