A look into the future

Renovation & Expansion from 2023 on
The need for renovation of the Komische Oper Berlin was already identified in the late 1990s. The existing building is based on the time of construction in 1882 as well as a comprehensive renovation in 1967. A basic renovation of the building complex has not been carried out since then. At the latest since 2018, when the ceiling of the auditorium had to be provisionally secured with netting due to falling pieces of stucco, the need for renovation can no longer be denied.

Starting in summer 2023, the Komische Oper Berlin will be extensively renovated, modernized and expanded. In addition to bringing the opera house into a contemporary structural condition with modern theater and building technology, a new building with new offices, rehearsal rooms, a roof terrace, a store and a café, will be constructed. It is intended to provide additional, urgently needed space for cultural education and outreach work, to open up as a 21st century opera house to the city and its society, and thus to create a place of encounter. One for all.

What happened so far...

A look into the future also needs a look into the past. This video shows the eventful and moving history of the house. From the Metropoltheater in 1882 to the Komische Oper Berlin of today with a view to the opera house of the 21st century. Creating a place of encounter, towards the city and its society.

Work in progress!

Speaking of reconstruction: This page is also still under construction. Please come back later and take a look. In the future, we would like to keep you comprehensively informed about the progress and topics of the renovation project on this page.