Selam Opera!

The program for urban cultures
In 2011, the Komische Oper Berlin launched the intercultural project »Selam Opera!«. It takes the Komische Oper Berlin's self-image as an "opera house for everyone" quite literally and aims to create occasions for encounters between urban society and opera. In the long term, the networks between the opera house and the people in the city are to be strengthened, thereby working toward an improved culture of community life.

The awareness of the »own« and the »other« encourages to leave well-worn patterns and to open up for a broader conception of cultural education. The focus is not on the classic »educational mission«, which often aims to »elevate« the other person to a »higher level«, but on collaborative trying and doing. This cultural self-image is not only evident on the stage of the opera house, but also in the composition of the artistic staff and culturally sensitive employees. The audience is also invited to follow this path.

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Mustafa Akça
Program Manager »Selam Opera!«
Dramaturgy – Urban Cultures
T +49 (0)30 20260 492
Julia Oesterreich
Staff »Selam Opera!«
Dramaturgy – Urban Cultures
T +49 (0)30 20260 386


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We sincerely thank all sponsors and supporters for their commitment to Selam Opera! Would you also like to get involved? Then you can find more information here.
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