Berlin is a colorful city - people of different ages, education, sexual orientation and origin shape the society of this open metropolis. As an opera house for all, the Komische Oper Berlin sees it as its mission to address all these different people and to enable them to participate in the art form of musical theater.

What happened so far ...

As early as the 2020/21 season, a broad-based process was launched to revise the internal Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Sexual Assault, which has been in force since 2017. It began with a series of workshops with experts from various areas of anti-discrimination work. The first step was to understand the influence of racism, classism, genderism and rejectionism on our private and professional lives. The process of revising the Code of Conduct was then initiated in an intensive exchange with the active participation of all staff representatives, the women's representative (AGG complaints office), the representative for severely disabled persons, our conflict advisors and other staff members from various departments of the Komische Oper Berlin. In the course of this process, the Code of Conduct was expanded to include the dimensions of discrimination and abuse of power. In numerous workshops and working meetings, a value-based Code of Conduct was developed with external advice from the process facilitator Sevgi Gürez, which deals with current social developments and discourses.

What does diversity mean at the Komische Oper Berlin?

Artistic diversity belongs to the Komische Oper Berlin like social diversity belongs to the city of Berlin. The two are interrelated. To be artistically free and open, you need an open society, and vice versa. That's why it's important for me and the Komische Oper Berlin to work together with other actors in Berlin to promote artistic and social diversity. Because - as we all often experience - it cannot be taken for granted.
Barrie Kosky, former artistic director and chief director of the Komische Oper Berlin

Code of Conduct

… for the prevention and management of discrimination, sexual assault and abuse of power at the Komische Oper Berlin

What do we value?

Gender equality, equal opportunities, and respectful and fair interaction among colleagues, artists and guests are of the utmost importance to the Komische Oper Berlin. All employees, regardless of their position and type of employment, should be as sensitive as possible to discrimination and contribute to diversity within the com-pany. In this sense, this Code of Conduct forms a compass to counteract all forms of discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse of power. Incidents of this kind will not be tolerated at the Komische Oper Berlin.

What is discri­mi­nation?

Discrimination is the degrading disparagement and unfair treatment of people (or groups) on the ba- sis of their personal or group-specific characteristics. Such characteristics can be, for example: ethnic or national origin, skin color, language, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identity, age, disability and social status.

What is sexual ha­rass­ment?

Sexual harassment includes any discriminatory, offensive, intimidating, unwanted and assaultive be- havior that is directed at the body of the other person. This includes, for example: derogatory sexuali- zed remarks, denying gender identity, sexist jokes, sexual coercion, promises of professional benefits in exchange for sexual favors, staring at certain body parts, and unwanted touching or physical proximity.

Where can I find help if I am sexu­ally ha­rassed and/or discri­minated against?

The Komische Oper Berlin encourages those affected by and witnessing sexual assault, discrimination and violence not to accept it, but rather to seek advice and support in accordance with the Maßrege- lungsgesetz (Section 16 AGG). For this purpose, you can contact the Komische Oper’s first point of contact: beschwerdestelle@oper-in-berlin.de. You can find a list of other contact partners as well as further information in the explanations to the Code of Conduct. Please use this to keep yourself up to date. In the event of non-compliance with the guidelines, labor law and criminal law measures can be initiated, depending on the incident.

What can I do to prevent this?

  • I prevent discrimination and sexual harassment of any kind and promote a cooperative, respectful, and non-violent climate in the workplace.
  • I distinguish between what is allowed inside and outside artistic work. I do not abuse the free spaces of art.
  • I take and bear responsibility for my words and actions and am mindful of the power vested in me.
  • I address conflicts openly and contribute to a fair resolution.
  • I will actively intervene if I witness assaults and inappropriate behavior towards colleagues, employees and guests of the Komische Oper Berlin.

Cooperation and
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