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Gisela, Hit of the Trade Fair

Text by Jo Schulz
Last Chance!
East German music theatre in the big tent! Opera and film director Axel Ranisch, an avowed East Berliner, takes on Gerd Natschinski’s jewel of Heiteres Musiktheater (‘light-hearted music theatre’), and—together with conductor Adam Benzwi—shows us what it’s all about. Starring Thorsten Merten as the egomaniacal manager Mr Kuckuck and Gisa Flake as the fashion prodigy Gisela, it’s a buoyant tribute to people with substance!
Scene one VEB Berlin Chic

East Berlin, 1960. All hell has broken loose at the state-owned fashion enterprise VEB Berlin Chic. Shortly before departing for the Leipzig trade fair, the managing director Robert Kuckuck announces an open-door night – although time is short already, and VEB Berlin Chic is still without a dress that could raise the enterprise’s profile by being a hit at the trade fair. This additional night-shift doesn’t suit the staff at all, especially as they’re also struggling with the many complaints relating to Kuckuck’s failed collections. But nonetheless he’s planning to make his own design for the Leipzig fashion fair, too, even though inspiration continues to elude him. The fact that the in-house fashion designer Gisela Claus has had a convincing design ready for some time, doesn’t interest him. Instead, he pins his hopes on finding inspiration on a trip to the fashion capital Paris.
Operetta in three acts and a prelude [1960]
Music by Gerd Natschinski
Premiere on 8 June 2024
Recommended from grade 5
2hr 40min, incl. intermission
For the caterin only cash payment is possible on site.
A box office is available (Card payment possible).

30 minutes before each performance there is an introduction to the play in the foyer (except before premieres, children's operas, concert performances, New Year's Eve and special events).

Musikalische Leitung
Choreographie und Co-Regie
Dance Captain und Mitarbeit Choreographie
Emma Puhlmann
Robert Kuckuck
Marghueritta Kulicke
Heinz Stubnick
Fred Funke
Martin Reik/Michael Kind
Eine Reporterin
Anja Kirov-Vogler/Ute Grabowski
Danielle Bezaire, Eleonore Turri, Mariana Souza, Anna Friederike Wolf, Lauren Mayer, Kiara Lillian Brunken
Michael Fernandez, Shane Dickson, Robin Poell, Danilo Brunetti
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