Festival for brand new music theater


Musical theatre between pop, experimentation, entertainment and avant-garde
Glamour, beats, and sequins confront autocratic rulers, archaic rituals collide with electronic sounds, and established favourites encounter new discoveries in the good old tradition of the Komische Oper, daring the tightrope between pop and experiment, affirmation and critique. In this third edition of Schall&Rausch, the Komische Oper Berlin is juxtaposing opposites and bringing together known and unfamiliar faces!

Consistent Fantasy is Reality—Turkish pop singer Gaye Su Akyol combines fantasy and reality in a retrofuturistic music party that evokes courage and self-empowerment with rock-psychedelic sounds. Extremes are explored in Gaia24. by the Ukrainian collective Opera Aperta, using a string quartet and techno music to delve into man-made disasters such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences for the climate. In her gig theatre piece Rich Niche, Belgian musician, performer, and director Liesa van der Aa invades the hideaways of the 1% with a mix of avant-pop, jazz, and baroque. In Everybody Now!, Loulou Hameleers from the Dutch music theatre collective CLUB GEWALT, Nhlanhla Mahlangu from the Centre for the Less Good Idea, performance artist Daniel Cremer, and Music Director James Gaffigan are back at the festival to create something very special with the audience, both Schall and Rausch, or sound and rapture! Last but not least, Schall&Rausch is widening its reach from Neukölln to Charlottenburg in 2025. This is where Horse Eats Hat by Herbert Fritsch and Herbert Grönemeyer will premiere on the stage of the Komische Oper Berlin at the Schiller Theatre.

From February 7 until February 16
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