Off to the island!

Ro­bin­son Cru­soe

Jacques Offenbach
After a six-year journey, Robinson has learned that not only rapacious pirates but also islanders with cannibalistic proclivities (formerly vegetarians until having met a missionary) can turn his beautiful dream of exploring the world into a living hell. Luckily, he has Friday. Not only do they sing together one night in praise of love, Friday is also better at surviving stranded on an island at the mouth of the Orinoco. Meanwhile, Edwige, Toby, and Suzanne have left Bristol in search of Robinson; having been chased by pirates, they are now stranded on the same island, where they run into their old neighbour from back home. He’s become the master chef of the cannibals, and is now cheerfully stirring up a deadly stew . . . With rousing sea symphonies and madcap coloraturas, Daniel Defoe’s novel becomes a masterful Offenbachiade. A treat for the yuletide season that’s sure to please both young and old!
Opéra comique in three acts [1867]
Libretto by Eugène Cormon and Hector-Jonathan Crémieux
Concert premiere on December 22, 2024
30 minutes before each performance there is an introduction to the play in the foyer (except before premieres, children's operas, concert performances, New Year's Eve and special events)

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Schillertheater – Großer Saal
Bismarckstraße 110
10625 Berlin
22. Dec 2024
30. Dec 2024
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