Soloist - Tenor

Tansel Akzeybek

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I didn’t even know where the opera house in Izmir was. And now someone was telling me I might be able to make a career out of it!
In the mid-1980s, after more than 20 years in Germany, Tansel Akzeybek’s parents decided to return to their Turkish homeland, meaning young Tansel had to leave the city of his birth, Berlin, for Izmir. Back then, nobody thought that some day Tansel might earn his living as a singer. Professional footballer or dentist – those were the options that a young Tansel saw for his future. At just seven years of age, he was selected for the youth team of Altay Izmir. But an injury at 12 put a dampener on his childhood passion for football.

In the ensemble of the Komische Oper
Berlin since 2012.

Berlin, grew up in Izmir/Türkei

Konservatorium Izmir, Musikhochschule Lübeck

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