Zum krönenden Abschluss

Mehr Opulenz!

More opulence!
Around the last premiere of the season, Saul, a festive programme lasting several days with highlights of the last season awaits you as a crowning finale. At the centre are three great stage works from the pen of Georg Friedrich Händel, who was born in Halle and achieved world fame in London.

In three days, the premiere of the dramatic oratorio Saul (staged by Axel Ranisch), in which the titular king of Israel struggles against his inexorable decline, is followed by the appearance of the shrill Persian king Xerxes in Stefan Herheim's brilliant production, followed by Semele, that mortal who burns in self-destructive love with Jupiter, the father of the gods.

Barrie Kosky's production takes up the cudgels for the right to waste oneself, no matter how high the price!

Around the three emotionally charged performances, you can expect a rich programme with artist talks, musical highlights and culinary delights entirely appropriate to the opulent occasion.

Don't miss!

After eleven years, the successful production of Xerxes is on the programme for the last time, be sure to go!
Each evening, a welcome drink awaits the audience around the performance.