Fatma & Fatoş

Fatma & Fatoş is a collaborative work based on the personal recollections of women who came to Germany in search of happiness, often with nothing more than raw courage in their suitcase. Isolated and hard-working, disdained and misunderstood, but also admired, tenacious, and creating new futures. Women’s voices are the core of this production, which translates the struggle for arrival into great music. You’re invited to come along on this journey to parts unknown, as we discover musical homes both old and new.

Program management
Texts and staging
Katharina Fritsch
Eva Pons
Katharina Fritsch, Eva Pons, Johanna Wall
Set design
Anne Hölzinger
Costume design
Mia Schröer
Production management
Julia Oesterreich
Development & Sponsoring
Michaela Orizu
Celine Akçag, Karolina Gumos
The boss/the gossip/the radio star/the host
Fuyu Iwaki, Deniz Tahberer, Mika Yonezawa
Arnulf Ballhorn, Jesper Ulfenstedt
Aleksei Kulikowskii, Juri Tarasenok
Sponsored by
Many thanks also go to Nihan Devecioğlu for her composition "Gözlerinde" and to the Mercator Foundation for its generous donation.