Winter Journey

Franz Schubert
A song cycle by Wilhelm Müller
for voice and piano, op. 89 D 911 [1828]
»I came as a foreigner, and as a foreigner I departed.« – At once a highpoint of the Romantic, the masterpiece of a composer who met an untimely end, and a challenge for any singer: the Winter Journey. Baritone Günter Papendell interprets Franz Schubert’s song cycle about longing, escaping the world, and the pain of loneliness in the face of lost love and life’s fading away.

In Franz Schubert’s monumental oeuvre, his over 600 song compositions hold an outstanding position. Among them is the Winter Journey, likely his most well-known song cycle. Shortly before his death at the young age of 31, the Austrian composer finished setting the verse of the poet Wilhelm Müller to music. Filled with the misery of shattered love, the narrator wanders through a winter landscape, hopelessly searching for rest, hope, solace, and answers to his existence and yearning.

Enchanting and seductive for audiences even today, this masterpiece of melancholia poses an artistic challenge to all interpreters. In a very special intimate evening the baritone singer Günter Papendell, accompanied by N.N. on the piano, will offer his portrayal of this tremendous yet fragile work of art.

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Selected Performance: 2030
Fri 18 Dec 202019:30
Helmut Deutsch

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