Leonard Bernstein

West Side Story

Musical [1957]
German, English
2h 45m, incl. intermission
19:30 - 22:20
19:30 - 22:20
20:00 - 22:50
19:30 - 22:20
11:00 - 13:50
19:30 - 22:20
19:00 - 21:50
19:30 - 22:20
14:00 - 16:50
19:00 - 22:10
It has finally returned! »Barrie Kosky's breath-taking production gives Bernstein's old West Side Story back its hardness and explosive power« [Berliner Zeitung] Along with Bernstein’s unique music as conducted by Koen Shoots, it is not least thanks to Otto Pichler's »truly contemporary choreography: raw, unpolished, virile, full of testosterone« [Berliner Morgenpost] that this production has always sold out in previous seasons. A disturbingly topical yet deeply touching musical that powerfully demands tolerance and the right to a great love that shatters all boundaries! »Unhappy ending, thunderous applause at the première.« [Der Tagesspiegel]
Two rival gangs who are fundamentally no different from each other. And yet for certain young people who have nothing more to lose except their reputation, belonging to one of these gangs is the sole justification for existence. So when a boy and girl dare to ignore the bitterly defended lines of demarcation between gangs, this means more than a little scrap. Because by doing so they are questioning the social order, and they can’t get away with that …

Musical in German and English
The première was staged and choreographed by Jerome Robbins
Based on an idea by Jerome Robbins
German translation by Frank Thannhäuser and Nico Rabenald
Original Broadway production by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince following an agreement with Roger L. Stevens

In the repertoire since 24 november 2013