Staatsballett Berlin

van Dijk | Eyal

Distant Matter | Half Life
Distant Matter
Dance Work by Anouk van Dijk
Music by Jethro Woodward

Anouk van Dijk, current Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Company Chunky Move, presents a world premiere with the dancers of Staatsballett Berlin. Coming from the Rotterdam Dance Group and after a couple years at the Pretty Ugly Dance Company, Anouk van Dijk started choreographing and went on to develop her own movement technique referred to as the »Countertechnique«. Bringing movements back into balance with the help of counter movements is a concept which opens up unusual perspectives and features impressively in her works. Berlin’s audiences are familiar with Van Dijk as she participated in various projects at the Schaubühne Berlin and the Berliner Theatertreffen in collaborations with Falk Richter.

Half Life
Choreography by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar
Music by Ori Lichtik

Sharon Eyal is an Israeli choreographer and a figure in the contemporary dance scene. Her way of asking choreographically piercing questions and setting in motion uncomfortable situations forces her performers and audience to abandon usual patterns of thoughts and personal habits. Clearly influenced by the legendary Batsheva Dance Company, her creations challenge the performers, who are provoked physically and mentally to achieve individual expression. Together with Gai Behar she heads the L-E-V Dance Company based in Tel Aviv. Both developed “Half life” 2017 for the Royal Swedish Ballet Stockholm. The piece’s attraction derives in part from the music that was created under the direction of Ori Lichtik hand-in-hand with the choreographic process.