Zu Gast beim Staatsballett Berlin

Bayerisches Junior Ballettnchen

1h 20min (inkl. Pause)
„Nonett“ by Aszure Barton
Music: Richard Read Perry
Costumes: Susanne Stehle

„3 Preludes“ by Richard Siegal
Music: George Gershwin
Costumes: S. Stehle

„102“ by Eric Gauthier
Libretto: Eric Gauthier
Music: Jens Peter Abele

„Un Ballo“ by Jiří Kylián
Music: Maurice Ravel
Costumes: Joke Visser
Light Design: Joop Caboort

„Intermezzo“ by Terence Kohler
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich
(Excerpts from Ballet Suites 1-3)
A collaboration between Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung, the Bayerisches Staatsballett and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München provides graduates of well-known ballet academies an opportunity to acquire – and display - a wide range of skills in a number of different dance styles before taking up the position of their choice.

In cooperation with the Bayerischen Vertretung in Berlin.