Backstage: Anatevka

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Four seasons after Paul Abraham's Ball in the Savoy a production under the direction of the Artistic Director of the Komische Oper Berlin has been selected for the Backstage-programme – and our outstanding director Barrie Kosky is staging probably the most successful musical in the history of theatre: Joseph Stein and Jerry Bock's Anatevka.

"Do you have children? – Five!"" Out of love for the Jewish tradition in accordance with Jewish tradition: the poor milkman Tevye in the eastern European schtetl Anatevka wants to marry off his three oldest daughters Zeitel, Hodel and Chava. But the girls have their own ideas about finding happiness in life … and out of love for love Tevye lets them have their way – and accepts with humour and humanity all their fanciful ideas.

The book for Anatevka, titled Fiddler on the Roof in the original English version, by Joseph Stein was based on the famous Yiddish tales by Sholem Aleichem. Jerry Bock created – with over 3,000 performances on Broadway alone – one of the most successful but also most tragic musical masterpieces. Anatevka illustrates the humour and suffering of heart-rending characters caught between catastrophe and the joy of survival in what is probably the twentieth century’s most life-affirming tragi-comedy about the complexities of love.

In partnership with the TheaterGemeinde Berlin and the Guest Student programme of the Freie Universität Berlin the Komische Oper Berlin offers a look behind the scenes of a production: Backstage accompanies a selected new production during its development process with visits to rehearsals and workshop discussions.

Please notice that Backstage is only available in german language!


»Die zu sehen, ist eine wahre Pracht« - Proben, Proben, Proben!
Mo, 6. Nov 2017, 16 Uhr
With Max Hopp, Dagmar Manzel and Studienleiter Magnus Loddgard

»Brauchte nicht zur Arbeit« - die Produktion der Produktion
Do, 9. Nov 2017, 14 Uhr
Do, 9. Nov 2017, 15:30 Uhr
Bühnenservice der Stiftung Oper in Berlin
Treffpunkt jeweils 15 min vor Beginn: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1, 10243 Berlin (S Ostbahnhof)

»Jeder versucht, eine einschmeichelnde Melodie zu spielen, ohne sich dabei das Genick zu brechen.« - das Orchester und sein Dirigent
Sa, 18. Nov 2017, 12 Uhr
auf der Probebühne 3 / Foyer der Komischen Oper Berlin

»Nun hab‘ ich, was ich will« - Barrie Kosky inszeniert Anatevka
Sa, 25. Nov 2017, 12 Uhr
In Saal und Foyer der Komischen Oper Berlin

Dauer: ca. 75-90 Minuten
Moderation: Simon Berger (Dramaturg)