Revenge of the Bat

Johann Strauss
After Die Fledermaus [1874]
in an adaptation by Stefan Huber
and Kai Tietje [2018]
Guest performance of the Casinotheater Winterthur
The Geschwister Pfister are back with Johann Strauss' most famous work: The Bat! This time without violins and without fluff, in a radically new version with bass, guitar and zany rhythms. »Johann Strauss reloaded!« [ BR-Klassik ] The Komische Oper Berlin presents this classic in a form that will inspire opera fans and sceptics alike.

In their witty, offbeat adaptation of The Bat, musical director Kai Tietje and director Stefan Huber unabashedly make use of musical clichés, transforming the hits of the King of Waltzes into swing and tango, or bringing his famous overture to life as an a cappella number. In this story about hedonism, malicious satisfaction, and sordid boozing, the Geschwister Pfister (Tobias Bonn and Christoph Marti) sing, play and cheat as the over-satiated couple Gabriel and Rosalinde, while Stefan Kurt stumbles through the scenes as the perpetually drunk prison guard Frosch. They are accompanied by the three Zucchini Sistaz, Kai Tietje on piano and accordion, and Francesco Carpino, who plays ten instruments almost simultaneously. Music and characters whirl wildly — not least thanks to the rousing choreographies of Danny Costello — from musical magic to the oldest bag of tricks, from the Belle Époque to the hippie era.

Stefan Huber, whose productions of Clivia and Roxy and her Dream Team were great successes at the Komische Oper Berlin, needs nothing more than a few chairs, props and period costumes for this zany show. Johann Strauss has never been seen, let alone heard, in such a way: The Bat that goes beyond all musical boundaries, in a pocket-sized format!

Based on The Bat [1874],
adapted by Stefan Huber and Kai Tietje [2018]
In the header: Christoph Marti | Photo: Jan Windszus Photography, 3D Art: Sven Windszus
Johann Strauss reloaded!
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Selected Performance:
Stage and costume design
Heike Seidler
Gabriel von Eisenstein, man of private means
Rosalinde, his wife
Frank, prison warden
Rolf Sommer
Prince Orlofsky
Stefanie Dietrich
Alfred, singer / Murray, Scot
Alen Hodzovic
Dr. Falke, Notary
Max Gertsch
Dr. Blind, lawyer / Ali Bey, an Egyptian / Frosch, prison guard
Adele, Rosalindes' maid
Gabriela Ryffel
Ida, Adele's sister
Katja Brauneis
Kai, servant
Orlofsky's party musicians
Zucchini Sistaz (Sinje Schnittker, Jule Balandat, Tina Werzinger)
Musician / waiter
Francesco Carpino