Kino Varieté

Voyage Oriental: The Adventures of Prince Achmed

(Germany 1926)
The oldest animated feature film blends together all the mythical creatures and Oriental atmosphere of the 1001 Nights. Lotte Reiniger, master of the scissor-cut technique, takes her eponymous hero in search of his beloved, the demon empress Pari Banu, and – while being chased by an evil magician across the Orient – lets him encounter ghosts, witches, dwarves, Aladdin and the Emperor of China, and finally – all’s well that ends well! – find his great love.

This 1920s silhouette film is preceded by a selection of short films which tell audiences much about the fascination that the Orient has always exerted on the West. Travel images from Persia, newsreel reports from the Far East, and short films which give free reign to erotic fantasies. These are accompanied by and interspersed with singing, dancing and music – occidental-oriental sounds, newly composed by students at Zurich University of the Arts and presented by the ensemble Interkom.
From 10.30 pm
Party with DJ Yuriy Gurzhy