Festival for brand new Musical Theatre
Feb. 17th to Feb. 26th 2023


In February 2023, Berlin’s Komische Oper is launching its new annual festival for brand-new experimental music theatre: Schall&Rausch (‘sound and rapture’). Located on the grounds of the former Kindl Brewery in Berlin’s Neukölln district—where you can walk from Vollgutlager to the KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art and the queer club SchwuZ—Schall&Rausch invites you to come feast on the latest hot topics and experimental music, served with a generous dose of pop culture, glitz and glamour.

Fearless in the face of tunes, beats and strobe lights, the Komische Oper will be heating up the experimental music theatre scene for ten days. In a space where performance meets concert, professional meets amateur, and local meets international, we’ve put German musician and director Schorsch Kamerun alongside Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, Belgian performer and director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe next to South Africa’s Centre for the Less Good Idea, daring to blur the boundaries in good Komische Oper tradition, between experiment and pop, penetrating depth and sparkling surface.

Schall&Rausch pulsates with the rhythm of today and breaks down the walls of music theatre. It looks toward the genre’s potential future and also toward the upcoming renovation period, during which the Komische Oper will leave its main base and go perform at different venues across Berlin. With Schall&Rausch, it’s stepping out into the city!


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