Children's Opera in two acts [2017]
Attila Kadri Şendil

The Town Musicians of Bremen
Bremen Mızıkacıları

German, Turkish
2 h incl. intermission
A stubborn mule, a wild tearaway, an utterly gentle and cuddlesome feline, and an overly vocal troublemaker – these are the four companions whom fate brings together.
The famous tale by the Brothers Grimm about four displaced characters who take fate into their own hands and discover how much stronger they are as a group, performed as a German-Turkish children’s opera in which »operatic sounds are juxtaposed with cheerily-whistled songs and jazz-inspired moments« [Der Tagesspiegel].

Born in İzmir, the composer Attila Kadri Şendil studied the clarinet and composing in İstanbul, Paris and Memphis/USA, and today teaches at the Akdeniz Üniversitesi in Antalya. Although based on Oriental tonal systems, his music – whose style is extremely wide-ranging – also sounds extremely familiar to Western European listeners. Although the sound of the orchestra is enriched with Turkish instruments such as the zurna, bağlama, oud and qanun, Sendil’s score for the Grimm’s fairytale (which is also known in Turkey) is also influenced by a whole variety of different musical sources.
Libretto by Ulrich Lenz, based on the work by the Brothers Grimm, with the assistance of Murat Cağlar

A work commissioned by the Komische Oper Berlin
sponsored by the Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung and the Karl Schlecht Stiftung

In the repertoire since 24 september 2017


Musical direction
Tobias Ribitzki
Stage design
Alfred Peter
Kathrin Susann Brose


Marta Mika
Daniel Foki