Kurt Weill

Tom Sawyer

Kinderoper in zwei Akten [1950/2020]
Age 6 and above

Mark Twain's celebrated story of friendship, wild adventures, childhood fears, young love, and coming of age is set to the music of the adoptee-American Kurt Weill. This is exciting musical theater—and not only for the youngest!
In the embrace of a small Mississippi town, Tom Sawyer seems to enjoy a carefree childhood. His pranks and boyish high spirits make life difficult for his Aunt Polly, although thanks to his innate smarts, he knows how to extract himself from (nearly) any scrape. But when he and his friend Huckleberry Finn accidentally witness a murder in the night, a shadow is cast over his youthful lightheartedness. And when he and his adored Becky can’t find their way out of a cave while on an excursion, it really is a matter of life and death. Suddenly, it’s the homeless outsider Huckleberry Finn who surprises everyone with his courage and determination…
Shortly before his premature death, Kurt Weill made sketches for a musical based on Mark Twain’s work. Working from this basis and using other songs that were composed after Weill’s American emigration, a new piece of musical theater has been created, that simultaneously takes up the American tone of the original template while also bringing universal stories of childhood to the stage, in episodic renderings. With images that are as simple as they are unforgettable, allowing a young audience important space for the play of its own imagination, director Tobias Ribitzki brings us a kaleidoscope of childhood and coming-of-age.
Children’s Opera in Two Acts [1950/2020]
Adapted and arranged by Kai Tietje
Text by John von Düffel in the version directed by Tobias Ribitzki

In the Header: Jonathan Peters (Children's choir) | Photo: Jan Windszus Photography, 3D Art: Sven Windszus


Tobias Ribitzki
Stage and costume design
Stefan Rieckhoff
Children's choir


Soloists and children's choir of the Komische Oper Berlin
Orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin

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