Gob Squad

Super Night Shot

Instant video journeys from the streets of Berlin
Ein Gastspiel aus dem HAU-Repertoire, präsentiert von HAU Hebbel am Ufer und Komische Oper Berlin.

Each of us is just one in a million, easily replaced and easily forgotten in a city that doesnt really need us. But dont worry... were going to change all that. Weve got a plan. The city will need us and this film will be our witness. (Gob Squad)

Four performers take to the city streets at night to film. Each one has his or her own task. The shared mission: to declare war on the anonymity of the city. Their weapons: four video cameras. Their goal: to create a moment of intimacy, emotion and passion. Success or failure: the Gob Squad will document unedited what happens to them and combine their individual experiences to create an instant portrait of a city and an evening from four perspectives.
Super Night Shot is a one-hour multi-screen video installation that is created right before the audience arrives and unfolds for the first time in the theater – a magical ride through the nocturnal city streets and an ode to chance occurrences. The city becomes a film set; buildings, graffiti and cars become backdrops; cigarette butts and garbage become props; and the local passers-by become potential lovers, opponents and liberators. The result is a unique snapshot of a city in the form of a multi-perspective film that carries the ordinary to epic levels and plays with perceptions of the familiar environment. Anything can happen, and usually it does…

After its Berlin premiere in 2003, Super Night Shot was voted one of the ten best productions of the year. The production has already led Gob Squad to numerous cities around the world, with over 250 tour dates on six continents. A re-performance was planned for HAU in April 2020 but was cancelled due to the lockdown. In an act of solidarity with the independent arts collective, the Komische Oper Berlin is now offering the opera house in Behrenstraße as a performance space. Old friends and acquaintances will be there: in the jointly created »Opera Discovery« My Square Lady, Gob Squad was present on stage in 2015 together with the humanoid robot Myon from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.


Gob Squad
Development and Performance
Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Elyce Semenec, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost, Simon Will
Sound Design
Sebastian Bark, Jeff McGrory


Sean Patten, Johanna Freiburg, Bastian Trost, Simon Will
Jeffrey Fisher