Symphony concert 2:
Ainārs Rubiķis, Isabelle Faust and Marie-Elisabeth Hecker

Nikolai A. Rimski-Korsakow Suite aus der Oper Schneeflöckchen
Maurice Ravel Scheherazade, Liederzyklus op. 41
Johannes Brahms Doppelkonzert für Violine, Violoncello und Orchester a-Moll op. 102
A star violinist meets a master of the cello: Isabelle Faust and Marie-Elisabeth Hecker come together for one of the most outstanding works of the late Romantic period: Johannes Brahm’s last orchestral piece, the double concerto in A Minor for violin, cello and orchestra. Before that, the Komische Oper’s orchestra will perform under General Music Director Ainārs Rubiķ a seldomly heard suite from Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov’s opera Snow Flakes – fitting for the season – and then embark on an enchanting journey through One Thousand and One Nights with ensemble member Nadja Mchantaf and Maurice Ravel’s Scheherazade.




Isabelle Faust
Marie-Elisabeth Hecker
Es spielt das Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin.

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