Burlesque in four scenes [1947] | Fantaisie lyrique in two parts [1925] 
Igor Strawinsky / Maurice Ravel

Petrushka / L’Enfant et les Sortilèges

1h 45m incl. intermission
Following the breath-taking success of the Magic Flute, which has set out from Berlin to take the whole world by storm, the British theatre group »1927« is returning to the Komische Oper Berlin – with two works which seem almost to have been written for the absolutely boundless imaginations of these image-conjurers and their astonishing combination of animation and live performances by actors ...
A puppet brought to life that tries to escape her sadistic master, and an ill-mannered, wilfully destructive child that experiences a true nightmare when the objects it has abused, such as a clock, tea pot and wallpaper, come to life – a double-feature evening about admonishment and manipulation, about growing up and emancipation from (wrong) compulsions, and about the boundless urge for freedom.
In the image-worlds created by the British theatre group “1927”, with their astonishing combination of animation and live action, the stage and sounds, singers and acrobats merge to create a “wild flight through adventure-filled worlds” [Deutschlandfunk Kultur].
Text »L'Enfant« by Colette

In the repertoire since 28 january 2017
Coproduction with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein


Petrushka [ПЕТРУШКА], the clown
Ptitschka [ПТИЧКА], the acrobat
Patap [ПАТАП], the muscleman
Mum / The cup / The dragonfly
The sun / The princess / The nightingale
A sheperd / The cat / The squirrel
A Sheperdess / The Bat / The fauteuil / The Owl
The rocking chair / A tree
The clock / The tomcat
Dr. Maths / The teapot / The frog
The child stand-in
Barbara Stephenson
Chorsolisten der Komischen Oper Berlin
Kinderchor der Komischen Oper Berlin