Paul Abraham

The Flower of Hawaii

Operetta (Concert production)

The South Seas, jazz and vows of love! In his greatest success, Paul Abraham brings together everything the operetta heart desires: an absurd story about the American occupation of Hawaii, exotic and jewels of song and three pairs of lovers who end up happily in each other's arms thanks to the active participation of German theater icon Katharina Thalbach and the musical star Jörn-Felix Alt of Roxy and her Dream Team.
Trouble in »paradise by the sea«: Laya, the last Hawaiian princess living in exile in Paris, travels incognito to her home country, which is occupied by the Americans, to liberate the country. Under the pseudonym of the famous singer Suzanne Provence, she intends to win the heart of the Hawaiian prince Lilo-Taro, to whom she has been betrothed since childhood, and thus lead her people to independence. But the American governor also has a plan: His saucy niece Bessy is to marry Lilo-Taro in order to finally convert the islanders to faithful adherents of the United States. It's just a pity that Lilo-Taro has completely different ideas and prefers faraway travels to falling in love with someone …
With Flower of Hawaii, Paul Abraham took to his advantage for the first time the general enthusiasm for jazz in Europe during the period between the two world wars, and combined it ingeniously with the genre of operetta. In addition to musical star Jörn-Felix Alt in the role of the American jazz singer Jim Boy, theater legend Katharina Thalbach returns as emcee to the house in Behrenstraße and in the role of the »old, wise Hawaiian« Kanako Hilo leads the audience safely through political and amorous entanglements to a happy ending.
Operetta in three acts [1931]
Libretto by Emmerich Földes, Alfred Grünwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda
Reconstruction for stage by Matthias Grimminger and Henning Hagedorn

In the header: Katharina Thalbach | Photo: Jan Windszus Photography, 3D Art: Sven Windszus

Sun., 20. December 2020, 18:00


Costume design


Kanako Hilo
Princess Laya / Suzanne Provence
Prince Lilo-Taro
Captain Reginald Harald Stone
Jim Boy
John Buffy
Linden Quintet Berlin and others