Children's Festival
»The Town Musicians of Bremen«

The Town Musicians of Bremen at the Komische Oper Berlin! A donkey, dog, cat and cockerel make music on the rehearsal stages; bandits lurk in the foyer; and in the Great Hall, children and their families can enjoy beastly-good music during concerts with the orchestra. Masters of disguise from the make-up, costume and directorial departments help children to slip into their roles, find their way to music-filled spaces of longing, and to playfully master adventures. A day musically dedicated to the new German-Turkish children’s opera The Town Musicians of Bremen, which is rounded off with a performance of the piece at 6 pm.
Entry to all events of the Children’s Festival is free.  
Tickets are required for performances in the Great Hall are available at the opera ticket office.
Paid tickets for the 6 pm performance are available from the usual advance booking offices.