Enjoy with all your senses!
Intermission Service
In the Komischen Oper Berlin, KULTURCATERING Berlin ensures that your visit to the opera is rounded off with culinary excellence. The gastronomic services in the foyer are available an hour before each curtain-up and provide you with refreshments and light snacks upon entry and during intervals.
Reservations for Intermission
To get the most out of your visit to the Komische Oper Berlin and to avoid possible waiting times during intermission, we recommend that you reserve food and beverages in advance. Please place your order with us by 12 noon on the day of the performance.

In vino veritas ...
The wines offered in the foyer are from the assortment of our partner Vinos. Did you enjoy the wine? Then order at Vinos: First-time customers will receive a €10 voucher for getting to know us by mentioning the voucher code VORTEIL-20!

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Cremant Loire brut 6.50
Sparkling wine produced according to the
champagne method 0.1L

Moët Chandon Brut 22.50
Piccolo (2 glasses) 0.2L

Bernard Massard sparkling wine 6.00
house brand, dry 0.1L

White wine Quietus, Rueda DOP 6.00
House brand, dry 0.15L

Red wine Limos No.5, Castilla IGP 6.00
House brand, dry 0.15L

Berliner Kindl 4.00
Anniversary Pilsener tapped 0.3L

fritz-kola bottle** *** 0.2L, 3.00
fritz-kola sugar-free** *** 0.2L, 3.00
fritz-kola orange 0.2L, 3.00
fritz-kola lemon 0.2L, 3.00
fritz-spritz organic apple spritzer 0.2L, 3.00
Bauer Orange Juice 0.2L, 3.50
Selters classic 0.25L, 3.00
Selters still 0.25L, 3.00
Selters classic 0.75L, 7.50
Selters still 0.75L, 7.50

Schweppes Ginger Ale 0.2L, 3.00
Schweppes Bitter Lemon* 0.2L, 3.00
Schweppes Tonic* 0.2L, 3.00

Campari Orange 0.24L, 7.00

Pumpernickel in a Glass, 2.50 each
● With salmon tartar, cream cheese,
herbs, arugula and cucumber
● With Obatzda, cream cheese, arugula,
gherkins and fried onion
● With Serrano ham,
tomato cream, glass noodles and olive crumble
● With hummus, arugula and
cherry tomatoes

Baked Pretzel 3.00
Sweets 3.50
Savory Snacks 2.00
Cough Drops 2.00
*contains quinine **contains caffeine ***colorant


Opera & Dinner

We offer the possibility to enjoy an exclusive three-course meal before the performance several times during the season. Enjoy selected dishes in a beautiful atmosphere in anticipation of the performance.
Information about the offer and advance bookings will be available on our website soon.

After Show Lounge

The credo of Komische Oper founder Walter Felsenstein was, “Every performance is a premiere!” That's why we celebrate the revival of a production like a premiere: Following the performance, the audience and artists are cordially invited to opera cocktails and music in the upper foyer.

Introductory Matinee

The prelude to the introductory matinee: Two weeks before the current premiere, we offer a rich breakfast with carefully designed breakfast plates at the small bar. The Sunday brunch offer beginning at 10 A.M. starts in November.