Frequently asked questions


Where is the entrance of the Komischen Oper Berlin?
The entrance to the Komische Oper Berlin is at Behrenstraße 55-57, 10117 Berlin.

What is the fastest way to get to the opera by public transport?
See also Getting there

Where can I park nearby?
The Friedrichstadtpassagen parking garage is located about five minutes' walk from the main entrance of the Komische Oper Berlin. The entrance is in the Jäger- or Taubenstraße.

Where are the bathrooms?
The toilets are located on all floors to the right and left in the corridors.

Unisex at the Komischen Oper Berlin
In November 2017, the Federal Constitutional Court demanded that a third gender be entered in the birth register. This decision will have far-reaching consequences, not least for the visitor toilets of the Komische Oper Berlin. From the 2018/19 season onwards, the Komische Oper Berlin has therefore installed a unisex toilet in addition to the men's and women's toilets for people who cannot clearly assign themselves and their gender to a male or female label. The toilet is located in the gallery of the 1st seating section.

Where is the toilet with wheelchair accessibility?
The toilet with wheelchair accessibility is located on the right side of the parquet floor.

Where is the cloakroom and how much does it cost?
The cloakrooms are located right and left in the entrance foyer and are free of charge.

Where is the bar?
There are a total of three bars in the building, one on the right in the entrance foyer and two in the second tier foyer, left and right.

Where can I eat or drink something nearby?
A selection of restaurants and bars can be found here.

Where are the box office and the evening box office and when are they open?
You can find more information here.

Which hotels are located near the opera?
You can find a selection of hotels here.


Is there any way to see a sold-out performance?
Possibly yes. Due to the horseshoe shape of our Main Stage auditorium or because of the staging, some of the seats have a restricted view. These restricted view seats are only bookable by telephoning our Box Office, so the restrictions can be explained. Camera restricted view seats and listening seats may still be available. Please contact the Box Office on (+49 (0)30 47 99 74 00).

What food and drink is available? Can I preorder for the break?
In the Komischen Oper Berlin, konzeptbar GmbH ensures that your visit to the opera is rounded off with culinary excellence. The gastronomic services in the foyer are available an hour before each curtain-up and provide you with refreshments and light snacks upon entry and during intervals. Please request a quote for special occasions. You can of course pre-order refreshments and food, or reserve a table, both by phone (+49 (0)30 202 60 450).

How long does a performance last?
Each performance has a different duration. When we restage an opera/operetta/musical, the actual length of the performance can only be determined shortly before the premiere date. You will then find the duration (paired with the information whether there will be an intermission) on the homepage and in the service newsletter that will be sent to you three days before the performance you have booked - provided you have left an email address. Pieces that we have been showing for a longer period of time (the so-called repertoire) will also be published in the monthly and seasonal magazines with information about the duration of the performance.

How long is the break?
Each break is 27 minutes long. Sometimes there are pieces that are so long that we offer two breaks. Even then each break is 27 minutes long.

Are there wheelchair spaces available? If so, how do I get there with my wheelchair?
The wheelchair spaces are located on the parquet floor. There are three seats available on the right and left. The entrance is through the stage entrance.

Is there an elevator to get to the ranks?
The Komische Oper Berlin is a listed building from 1892 and therefore unfortunately does not have any elevators.

Is there an opera store?
There is a stand in the second tier foyer where you can buy various souvenirs.

Are there card vouchers available?
You can purchase vouchers at our opera box office.

Is there a translation system?
Almost every seat is equipped with a display on which you can follow the libretto in German, English, French or Turkish.

Is there an extra offer for children?
The Komische Oper Berlin takes its young visitors seriously: Every season, the Komische Oper Berlin launches a new children's opera production on the big stage. These are mostly commissioned works from the Komische Oper Berlin. In several children's concerts, the very young visitors (4-6 years) are offered the opportunity to experience music up close. And the numerous, very different workshops for each piece played within a season prepare children and young people of all ages for their visit to the Komische Oper Berlin.

Are there booster seats for children?
There are booster cushions/booster seats for children at KOB. They are available free of charge at the checkroom. However, the number is limited. Our tip: Bring your child car seats with you! Seat belts are not required!

Are there guided tours through the theater or through certain departments? Can I book these on the Internet or in the call center?
The Komische Oper Berlin regularly offers guided tours of the theater and its various departments. Since the number of participants is limited, you should book early.

Is there a introduction before the opera starts?
Before symphony concerts and performances by the Berlin State Ballet in-depth introductions into the evening's works are also provided; these begin 45 minutes before the concert and are also held in the Upper Foyer.
In the Upper Foyer 30 minutes before the start of each performance a short introduction is provided, with background information about the work and the author, along with notes about the staging, to help audiences appreciate what is to come.
Please note: there is no introduction at premieres and special events.

Are there ticket discounts?
School pupils (from 17 years of age), students (up to 30 years of age), apprentices, persons doing military or alternative service and the unemployed are entitled to reductions for the current season.


Can I pay by card at the box office?
You can pay at the box office with EC or credit card.

How should I dress?
Chic or shock - there is no dress code. You will always be properly dressed.

Do I have to turn off my cell phone or is it enough to set it to silent?
We ask you to switch off your cell phone during the performances.

May I take pictures during the performance?
Sound and image recordings are not allowed during the performances. However, you are welcome to take pictures before and after the performance and during the breaks in the hall and foyer. You will find photos of the individual productions on our homepage and in the program booklets.

Can I rent opera glasses on the premises?
You cannot rent opera glasses at the Komische Oper Berlin. But you can get up close even without binoculars!

May I eat and drink during the performance?
Until the 19th century, it was common practice to eat, drink and smoke during an opera performance! Unfortunately, the customs have changed a bit. Since the carpeting and the opera chairs in the auditorium are very delicate, we ask for your understanding that no food or drinks may be taken into the theater.

Can I support the Komische Oper Berlin?
Yes, we would be delighted if you would like to support the Komische Oper. You can find further information here.

Do I have to buy the program booklet separately or is it included in the ticket price?
And are there foreign language editions? Program booklets can be purchased from the evening staff or at the box offices. They are only available in German, but also contain the opera's plot in English, French and Turkish. There are also free information flyers in English, French and Turkish. Please ask our evening staff for them.

Until when can I pick up my reserved or paid tickets?
Reserved tickets must be collected and paid for at least 3 days before the performance begins. Prepaid tickets will be available at the box office at least half an hour before the performance begins.

What happens if I am late?
If you are late, the evening staff will try to guide you quietly to your seats. Please understand that this may not always be immediately possible, and for some performances it may unfortunately not be possible at all.

What do I have to do to receive a newsletter from the Komische Oper Berlin?
You can register for the newsletter here.

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