Anne-Kathrin Ostrop studied music pedagogy and catholic theology for her German teaching credentials and additionally studied theater pedagogy in Munster and Berlin. In her role as musical theater teacher, she initiated and established Komische Oper Jung at the Komische Oper Berlin and has been its director since. The musical theater pedagogy team consists of five permanent employees and ten external contractors. Each year Ostrop oversees the Komische Oper’s two productions of children’s opera on the big stage. She is also responsible, both in terms of content and dramaturgy, for the six to eight children’s concerts that take place yearly. In facilitating around 350 workshops each year, Ostrop makes operas, operettas, musicals and concerts accessible to a large section of the population in Germany and abroad, which includes children, youths, adults, seniors, families, managers, teachers and professors. Nearly one fourth of all guests to the Komische Oper Berlin come for the Komische Oper Jung. Ostrop works creatively and conceptually together with the development department and many supporters and sponsors.

A founding and directing member of the Institute for the Dramatic Interpretation of Music and Theater [Institute für Szenische Interpretation von Musik und Theater], Ostrop is head of the degree program for the cultural transmission of musical theater [Universitätslehrgang Musiktheatervermittlung] at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. In addition, she holds a lectureship at the College for Music »Hanns Eisler« in Berlin and is closely associated with the European Network for Opera Pedagogy [Europäische Netzwerke von Opernpädagogen] RESEO and Opera Europa.

Through regular symposia and training programs she creates a forum for music and theater teachers to engage with teaching concepts in concert and musical theater. In 2010 she initiated the intercultural project »Selam Opera!« at the Komische Oper Berlin and in 2014 published as chief editor the accompanying book Selam Opera! Intercultural in the Culture Industry [Selam Opera! Interkultur im Kulturbetrieb] (Henschel-Verlag). In 2018 the book Young Opera – Musical Theater for Children between the Stage and Education [Oper Jung – Musiktheater für Kinder zwischen Bühne und Bildung] was also published.


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