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Severely disabled persons (Schwerbehinderte) may purchase tickets at the regular price. Prices for each performance can be found in our program overview. Attendants of severely disabled persons carrying a disabled ID marked »B« are eligible to receive a free ticket. Free tickets for attendants are also available for all normal reduced price tickets (except the »berlinpass« and »ClassicCard«).
Regular tickets can be purchased online. Please reserve or purchase free tickets for attendants by telephone (030) 47 99 74 00 or at the opera ticket desk at Unter den Linden 41. The opera ticket desk is wheelchair accessible. However, tickets deposited at the box office must be collected by an attendant due to stairs.

Wheelchair Spaces in the Concert Hall

Wheelchair spaces are found in the wheelchair accessible Parkett. The spaces are located to the right and left of rows 3, 6, and 8. These spaces are priced according to groups III and IV.
The Komische Oper Berlin is housed in an historically protected building from the year 1892 and unfortunately has no elevators in public areas. For this reason, the upper foyers are currently not wheelchair accessible. We are happy to announce, however, that elevators are planned for upcoming renovations. Starting in 2020, all viewing areas in the opera house will be wheelchair accessible.

Disabled Parking

In front of the opera house there are three parking places for disabled persons. They are located to the left of the main entrance in Behrenstraße 55-57 and can be utilized with a blue parking permit (marked aG or BI). In case these sparking spaces are taken, the closest convenient parking spaces are located at Parkhaus Friedrichstadtpassagen.

Disabled Entrance

The main entrance to the opera house is only accessible over stairs. Entrance with a wheelchair is possible through the stage entrance. It is located in Behrenstraße between the Komische Oper building and the Westin Grand Hotel. The path is marked with an arrow and a disabled symbol. 
The doorman will escort you into the opera house. Once inside, there is a ringer marked with a wheelchair symbol located to the left of the door leading to the Parkett. When you ring, a staff member will open the door and direct you to your place in the concert hall.
If you are using a walker, we would like to let you know that it’s possible to park the walker in our Parkett hallway where it will be kept safely for you.

Disabled Bathrooms

The disabled bathrooms are located near the Parkett on the right, not far from the door leading into the opera house from the disabled entrance.

Table Reservation during Intermission

The konzeptbar GmbH ensures culinary flair for each visit to the opera. Gastronomic service opens in the foyers one hour before the start of performances, offering you refreshments and small snacks. You can pre-order food and drinks and reserve a table for the intermission.
Please inform us of your individual requirements and we’ll do our best to meet your needs. You can reach us with your inquiries at

Tours for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Questions, comments, or suggestions?
Then please get in touch by telephone (030) 47 99 74 00 or e-mail

Translation System

Nearly every seat in the Komische Oper Berlin is equipped with an individual subtitle display. Subtitles can be turned on and off and can be read in English, French, Turkish or German (except during concerts or children’s operas.)