The city is the scenery


Don Giovanni and Leporello visiting a Berlin market
Don Giovanni and Leporello visiting a Berlin market
Opera meets the city, and vice versa

With our »Pop-up Opera!«, selected scenes from our current opera repertoire are brought to urban settings in Berlin, in order to engage in dialogue with local residents both before and after the performance about what they have seen, heard and experienced. The performances in every-day settings will be filmed by a camera crew and made accessible to a wide audience as short video clips via social media channels.

Opera has popped up in many different locations, such as an alternative bar at Kottbusser Tor (Carmen), in a Kreuzberg market hall (Don Giovanni), and in a boxing club in the Potsdamer Straße (The Beautiful Helen). The pop-up opera has thus far managed to reach more than 350,000 people. Additional performances are being planned. Keep your eyes and ears open! #KOBPopUp