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The days when opera singers were judged solely by the quality of their singing are almost gone. It is becoming increasingly important that an opera singer's profile also encompass a proven stage presence and an ability to act. Yet there is only a scant range of appropriate educational facilities for supporting young singers on their way to becoming virtuoso performers. In 2008 the Komische Oper Berlin started the international Opera Studio, which provides young singers with intensive, practice-oriented additional training after their singing studies, preparing them over a period of two years expressly for a career on the stage. With great success: the graduates of this program already feature in opera houses both at home and abroad.
Szenisches Foto aus Die Nase von Dmitri D. Schostakowitsch © Iko Freese/drama-berlin.de
The acting skills of the new generation of singers are developed through numerous workshops with practical and theoretical education modules, taught by internationally renowned lecturers, including directors working at the Komische Oper. Young foreign artists especially are given the opportunity to improve their enunciation of the German language. In addition, singing technique and musical interpretation are perfected. The members of the Komische Oper Studio put what they have learned into direct practice on the stage by taking on small to medium roles in the repertoire and rehearsing individual main roles in the schedule.

Masterclasses during the season 2018/19 with Kammersänger Michael Schade und Rolando Villazón
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