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© Jan Windszus Photography
© Jan Windszus Photography
Opera with reach! During this season, a première and an inaugural performance will be broadcast live and free of charge online. During the interval, video reports on the direction and musical direction, together with rehearsal visits, will provide insights into the world of the productions. Since the first live stream in 2015, the Komische Oper Berlin has reached more than 300,000 viewers in over 100 countries – from Wellington to Wilmersdorf.

Season 2018/19

Fr, 31. Mai 2019, 19:30 Uhr
Roxy und ihr Wunderteam

Season 2019/20

So, 13. Oktober 2019, 18 Uhr
The Bassarids
Sa, 25. Januar 2020, 19 Uhr
Spring Storms
So, 14. Juni 2020, 18 Uhr
The Rake's Progress


La Bohème
You can watch the premiere below!
Until 27 july 2019 you can watch the stream right here.
Until 27 july 2019 you can watch the stream right here.


What is a livestream?

A livestream is the online broadcast of a show in real time and it can be viewed worldwide. The broadcast is not saved and can only be viewed at the actual time of performance. If you switch the stream on after the starting time, you will see what is happening on stage at that exact time. 

What do I see?

Komische Oper Berlin broadcasts directly to your living room from five cameras. During the broadcast, a film director switches between the cameras in real time in order to give you the best view of what is happening on stage.  

What happens over the course of the programme?

Viewers at home can switch the stream on just before the start of the show and watch the auditorium slowly fill up. During the show’s intermission, you will be entertained by backstage videos about the production and the programme of the Komische Oper Berlin.

Technical requirements 

A stable broadband connection is an essential requirement for viewing a livestream online. During the broadcast, you should not have any downloads running or perform any other actions that may weaken your internet connection or decrease your RAM.  

We broadcast the stream with different image qualities available, which are automatically synchronised to your internet connection at home. 

If you are using a wireless connection, we recommend that you position your device close to the router to ensure that that the connection is not interrupted due to a weakened signal. 

Adobe Flash Player

In order to view the stream on your web browser, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which you also need to view video contents on other websites. Adobe Flash Player is constantly updated and provides technical improvements and safety advantages compared with older versions. You can download the current version of Adobe Flash Player here for free.

Are there different technical requirements for mobile iOS devices? 

In order to view our stream on mobile iOS devices (iPad/iPhone), you do not need Adobe Flash Player. We automatically broadcast a livestream adapted to these devices. However, in some cases, an older version of the iOS operating system may hinder the perfect reproduction of the stream. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of iOS on your device. 


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Watching from the #Cook­Islands #Rarotonga!!! Great way to bring Opera culture to the other side of the globe. Dankeschoen, Meitaki, Merci #OperaInParadise
Lucile Meier via Facebook