Komische Oper Festival
25th - 30th of june 2019

Have you missed the odd première this season? In the mood for an evening of opera with an atmosphere that appeals to all the senses? No problem! During the Komische Oper Festival, the opera house on the Behrenstraße marks the end of the season by showcasing the full variety of the current new productions on six consecutive evenings – with a special accompanying programme for the ears, eyes, taste buds and intellect.

Refugees – A Concert Trilogy
15. sep / 26. jan / 15. may

Refugees – the most widely discussed topic in politics will become the site for diverse musical encounters at the Komische Oper Berlin. In three concerts, musicians with a wide variety of backgrounds, both coming from and living in various countries, will share with stories and music their respective paths in life ...

Jaromír Weinberger Festival
27 - 29 march 2020

When thinking of great Czech composers, Smetana, Dvořák and Janáček are usually the names that come to mind. This Slavic musical tradition was continued into the 20th century – albeit with drastic ruptures that caused many works and composers to fall into oblivion. One of these was Jaromír Weinberger.

Komische Oper Festival
June 24 to July 4, 2O2O

Missed a few premieres this season? Looking for a special opera event that speaks to all the senses? As in previous seasons, the Komische Oper Berlin will be presenting the entire range of its new productions at the end of this season in the Komische Oper Festival. This year’s very special event context will address the eyes, the ears, the palate and the mind.