© Aurelio Schrey
© Aurelio Schrey

Workshops and Tours

In nearly 350 workshops children, youths, students, families and adults are prepared for a visit to the opera through the method of dramatic interpretation of music and theater. Participants take on dramatic rolls from the opera, familiarize themselves with the music, and interpret key scenes. In the process, inaccessible characters become people with understandable motives and complicated actions turn into a followable storyline. Participants are thus able to leave the roll of passive observer and actively participate in their experience of the piece. 
There are workshops for all operas in the schedule. As preparation for attending a performance they are free.  

Behind the scenes young visitors to the Komische Oper Berlin learn fascinating and surprising facts about the history of the opera house and its daily operations. 

Group tours cost 25 euros per school class. When combined with attending a performance, tours are free.  

Weekend Workshops for Families
For three of our family productions we’re offering fun-loving families a workshop as preparation for visiting the opera. Families with children between 6 and 12 years are allowed to attend. For about 80 minutes, we’ll sing and play together, creating a great foundation for enjoying the children’s opera performances that follow. 

Upcoming events:
Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 9:30 AM, The Town Musicians of Bremen

Registration and Information
Anne-Kathrin OstropDirector, Musical Theater Education
Telephone (030) 202 60 375