© Jörn Hartmann
© Jörn Hartmann

Adult Education Programs

The cultural offerings at Komische Oper Jung are now also available to adults who want to deepen their understandingof opera as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” through workshops, educational courses, andseminars. The program includes company workshops for employees and managers,training programs for teachers at nurseries and elementary schools, andseminars at colleges and educational institutions. The musical theater education program is basedon the methodology of Dramatic Interpretation of Music and Theater (following ISIM). The method makes use of dramatic means for appropriating music, musicaltheater pieces, texts and songs. The point is not to figure out or convey fixedmeanings and interpretations. Rather, dramatic interpretation creates a spacewhere people of all ages, backgrounds, genders and amounts of previousexperience can individually interpret opera according to their own lifeexperience. Learn more about the method of dramatic interpretation of music and theater here

Anne-Kathrin Ostrop
Director of Musical Theater Education
Telephone (030) 202 60 375